Key Takeaways

Recognize the value in de-siloing your Go-To-Market (GTM) approach and coordinate your efforts more closely with your Chief Product Officer.

Offer more actionable, data-driven insights to aid C-Suite decision-making

Begin adopting a full set of data insights, including experimentation data experimentation to de-risk innovation, monetization and GTM.

Explore rapid, strategic experimentation to kick-off GTM planning

Data-driven decision-making that de-risks GTM isn't an unattainable holy grail. Modern day growth requires visionary CMO and CPO tag teams co-launching innovation to market, delivering on their shared responsibility for monetization.

Teams may feel challenged by never having enough actionable insight to guarantee they're making the right decision. There is, however, an opportunity to more reliably grow revenue and justify return on investment.

Hypothesis based experiments have outcomes that can significantly guide decision making. Find out how to align product and marketing teams with data dependable enough to use as board level justification.

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