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92% of traffic goes to the results on the first page of search engines. As more and more companies move their businesses online, this has created a competitive virtual market which reduces your potential of getting maximized traffic share significantly. With traffic and rankings declining as well for SEO optimized pages, web pages need to invest in newer and more effective methods of generating organic traffic. Hence, establishing a comprehensive and advanced SEO strategy is important for your business to outrank your competitors in the search results and be found by relevant users.

Our award-winning team of SEO experts helps businesses increase organic traffic and drive sales by conducting an in-depth market analysis, recognising customer key pain points, and applying keyword and content strategies that deliver consistent results.

Our advanced SEO services help clients keep up with the ever-changing search engine algorithms, allowing them to better navigate through the SERP’s newest updates.

GrowthOps' customer-driven, research-led approach has not only helped clients rank high in search engines, but also helped them increase business value by staying relevant and building credibility. This made us a preferred SEO agency in Singapore and Malaysia - have worked with a range of enterprise clients, corporate ventures, B2C/ B2B startups, and industry leaders. 

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Our Research-Based Approach
Property Diagnostics

Property Diagnostics

We map business objectives with existing concerns on targeted properties. Our comprehensive audit process helps identify challenges in each property so they can be addressed separately.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

We analyse industry and product search trends across all relevant categories, and craft strategies that goes beyond keywords.



Red Ocean SEO Strategy

Define and Acquire:
Red Ocean SEO Strategy

A keyword research-led SEO strategy that caters to current market competition.

Defining keywords, user intent and mapping are key parts of Red Ocean SEO strategy.

All SEO activities are defined based on the current visibility of these keywords and how to improve them.

Blue Ocean SEO Strategy

Analyse and Adopt:
Blue Ocean SEO Strategy

Creation of demand and ample opportunity for growth.

Defining market space, customer segment, and “key job to be done” are key parts of Blue Ocean SEO strategy.

Creation of content plan based on existing pillars around market demand and customer pain points instead of keyword search volume.

Our Full-Circle of SEO Services

Keyword Research (1)

Keyword Research

Discovering the current market demand

Keyword research is the most important part of any SEO campaign. It is the process of identifying which keywords are relevant to your business and how many people are searching for them. 


Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation

Understanding the market and customer segment by identifying the key job to be done by the user and services offered by the business

Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market into different groups of customers or potential customers, who may require different products or marketing approaches. 


Keyword Mapping (1)

Keyword Mapping

Mapping the discovered keyword to existing and new content

Keyword mapping is a process of determining the keywords that are relevant to the content and mapping them to the existing and new content.

Keyword mapping helps in determining the quality of content. It also helps in understanding how well-optimised pages are for search engine optimisation.

Housekeeping and Internal Linking

Housekeeping and Internal Linking

Organising website hierarchy, and interlinking of all products across owned media

Housekeeping and Internal Linking are the backbones of any SEO strategy. They provide a framework for organising website hierarchy and interlinking all products across owned media.

Housekeeping is the process of organising the website’s hierarchy in a way that it is easier for visitors to navigate and find specific content that they are looking for. It also includes removing old, outdated or irrelevant content that has not been updated in years.

Internal linking is when you link to other pages on your own website from within your content. These links are important because they tell search engines that you consider those pages to be important, which can lead to higher rankings in SERPs.

Technical SEO

Technical Audit

Building the strongest backbone by ensuring that not only search engine spiders can crawl your site but understand the context to put the best possible version in front of the client

Technical audit is a process of analyzing and testing the website’s code for compliance to the SEO best practices. It can help you identify any technical problems that might be impacting your rankings and traffic.

A technical audit is not a one-time task. It is an ongoing process that should be done on a regular basis to make sure your site stays up to date with the latest changes in search engine algorithm.


On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

Optimising content, meta tags, and other elements on your site’s pages

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing your website's pages to make it more search engine friendly.

The first step in on-page SEO is to optimize your web page's content - ensure it’s relevant and high quality. This can include adding keywords that are relevant to the page that are also used by people who are searching for those keywords online.

The next step in on-page SEO is to optimize your meta tags and other elements (headings, internal/external links, structured data etc.) on your site's pages.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Extending the mapping beyond your website to build authority

Off-page SEO is the process of building authority and trust by linking to your website from other relevant, high domain authority websites. Our off-page SEO services include researching and securing inbound links, competitor link analysis, guest posting strategies, backlink gap analysis, and comprehensive backlink audits.



Relentlessly improve domain authority and E.A.T. score

Outreach is a very important aspect of SEO. It is the process of reaching out to people who are
in-charge of the website, to get them to link back to your website. At GrowthOps, we use various tools and techniques for implement outreach activity.


  • 01What is Advanced SEO?

    Advanced SEO is an expert skill, requiring you to learn about the search engine algorithm. With this knowledge, you'll be able to develop even more effective strategies for your website that helps to boost your marketing efforts. Since search engines are getting smarter and better at determining ranking, the traditional SEO services that exist are simply inadequate for understanding the best way to develop a successful SEO strategy for your website, based on the current-day algorithms.

    To navigate the latest changes in the search algorithm, we use a set of comprehensive advanced SEO tools and processes that include – comprehensive SEO audit of your website, internal links creation, content optimization, advanced keyword targeting, structured data markup, page speed optimization, mobile-friendliness test & optimization, etc.

  • 02Advanced SEO Vs Basic SEO. What is the difference?

    SEO is a process that typically involves optimizing websites for both search engines and audiences, but often the content being optimized to focus on things like website optimization, keywords, and identifying areas in need of improvement. Basic SEO techniques are focused solely on keyword research and optimizing websites (both on-page & off-page), while Advanced SEO techniques focus more on strategies and tactics to drive higher traffic to your website.

    Advanced SEO services include all these basic SEO services but with a more in-depth understanding. For instance, our Advanced Keyword Research strategy includes identifying new queries that can generate more clicks than focusing on all the relevant keywords. Advanced link building also includes carefully-planned interlinked internal pages, which helps the website be found. It can help with free flow of web crawlers to navigate your back-end pages and allows people to find you easily.

    Most SEO service providers in the market use the same basic SEO strategy, while only a few professionals like GrowthOps are able to use advanced tools to execute Advanced SEO strategy. Advanced SEO requires experts to have knowledge of the algorithm and use popular tools that can help you figure out when it's time to change tactics based on research.

  • 03How can GrowthOps’s Advanced SEO Strategies help to grow your business?

    Google has made extensive changes in their algorithm in recent years, so old SEO techniques do not work as effectively as before. This is where having Advanced SEO strategy applied correctly will offer a more robust advantage over the competition since most of your competitors are still using outdated SEO tactics to rank in the search engines. Using our advanced SEO strategies, we can optimize your website to rank higher in the SERPS. Search engine spiders or crawlers will offer more favorable indexing to your website when your website is optimized using our advanced SEO strategies.

    By seeing overall improvement in the keyword rankings, your website will be having more views and visitors spending more time on your website. This creates more avenues for generating higher revenue for your business.

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