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Communications Strategy

Acquisition Cost & Scaling

Targeting & Segmentation

Web & Product Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Retain and Resurrect

Retain and Resurrect

Consumer Journey Flywheels

Quantitative assessment of drop offs/ dormant users for CAC improvement

Online Reputation Management and Crisis Recovery

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Digital Diagnostics for Cost Optimization

GrowthOps Touchpoint 360

Digital leaders capture market share, drive cost efficiency and scale their businesses with our Digital Diagnostics as fast, insightful and affordable programs to improve your operating model.

Increase Cost Efficiency

Cloud Architecture Assessment

Cloud Architecture


Optimise or launch a safe, efficient and scalable cloud-based business.

Improve Customer Experience

Usability Testing



Improve online conversions by quickly testing priority user journeys on an existing website or app.

Social Media Health Checks

Social Media Health Check


Understand and evolve enterprise social media strategies; delivering best-in-class experiences via your customers’ preferred channels.

Capture Market

Brand and Channel Alignment

Brand/Channel Alignment


Strengthen, defend and grow your reputation by identifying (and closing) ‘execution gaps’ between brand strategy and execution.

Drive Online

Growth Marketing Audits

Growth Marketing Audits

  Growth Marketing  

Increase lead generation by assessing and optimising paid media strategies, website analytics and/or SEO presences.

Lead for

Growth Marketing Audits

Coaching and Leadership

  IECL by GrowthOps  

Train, coach and lead through accredited coaching and leadership development; tailored programs to facilitate increased performance in your business.

Digital Strategy with Attribute 360

GrowthOps Touchpoint 360

Attribute 360 brings the rigor and strategic lenses from Touchpoint 360 to support the business objectives of your marketing organization

1. CMO perspective for content calendars

We bring top-quartile CMO perspectives. We add experimentation to content development to connect to CMO business objectives. We learn from pre-mortems of past posts and build agile, new learnings on top of the base content calendar for the upcoming time frame.


2. Strategic branding for content calendar development

Leveraging Touchpoint 360, we enhance content with Differentiation, Relevance and Sustainability analysis (DRS). We additionally explore Laddering and De-positioning to augment positioning strategy for your competitive landscape.


3. Data-driven Value Proposition refinement

Leveraging design thinking-style Value Proposition Design workshops, we bring a more detailed understanding of Jobs, Pains and Gains of the value proposition. We then deploy these across your hierarchy of brands.


4. Multiple approaches for customer research

We bring both Product-Market Fit testing (Split testing to observe actual customer behavior in the funnel) and deep survey and research capabilities (how customers respond to trade-offs in surveys) to your business. These insights help build more impactful creative.


5. Dashboard 360 for prioritizing, sequencing and scaling to optimise ROI

Our proprietary T360 Dashboard and PDI score is applied to Attribute 360. We help optimise a selection of content types (branding, engagement, product launch, CTA etc.) and assign them scores to roadmap the content calendar. We bring these dashboards into planning meetings with your team leadership for deep alignment and co-development as needed


6. Thoughtful pre-planning for Crisis Management

Based on mutually-agreed issues in the landscape, competitive or macro-economic, we can predefine plans, roadmaps and even content to be ahead of any event that may impact your brand equity or brand loyalty.


8. Alignment with business metrics

For clients keen on bringing a business lens to their marketing strategy, we can map leading indicators to revenue goals. We bring our best insights to develop strategy matching your business objectives: full-funnel marketing across your customer journey funnel.

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