A Data-Driven Marketing Perspective for Reliable Growth

Moving Key Metrics
When trying to drive key metrics, marketers describe their biggest challenges as acquisition and generating revenue lift from marketing activities. But for truly reliable growth, between these stages lie journey moments where marketing and product engagement strategies are needed to reduce churn. Studying these moments can generate the insights that make growth reliable and improve the strength of your funnel.

Clarity on Next Steps
Was the Strategy or the Execution the opportunity for improvement? Marketers need a more reliable, data-driven approach to guide strategy and implementation.

By closing the correlation loop with data, better insights, better actionability and efficiency in execution can be unlocked.

GrowthOps Test Strategy

Real-time marketing lets you test strategy and implementation separately. With closed-loop data and the right leading indicator metrics, better next steps can be planned.

Dependencies for Revenue Growth
Real-time marketing and personalisation is a game-changer for data-driven growth. Data capture can support strategy and execution testing. Top quartile businesses bring this voice of the customer into their marketing and product strategy on a real-time basis.

A Structured Approach to Growth
From optimising growth and acquisition costs for mature products, to testing messaging angles for new channel combinations when launching new products, the goal is to develop the structured approach to help you optimise journeys and experience, lower acquisition costs and improve retention. All adding up to improving revenue.

Marketing Funnel Gap

For effective implementation, we map your business metrics to your full-funnel marketing.

Targeting an additional > 5% Growth from the right Martech, used correctly
The right level of data maturity and technology for your needs makes the estimated 5-8% revenue growth target more realistic. The right strategy and implementation support can make the lift from Martech more reliable and speed up time to impact. 

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"To improve acquisition, engagement, activation, retention and monetisation metrics in marketing and product, GrowthOps can help you leverage real-time data for an effective growth flywheel."

data capture

the Voice of the Customer and reliable insights


product usage and customer journey


Asset 2@2x (1) (1)

Speed up
implementation and testing


audience behavior using AI

Asset 12@2x

improved and personalised customer experiences


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profitability by reducing
the cost of acquisition,
activation and retention

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Advanced Segmentation

Advanced Segmentation

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Market Strategy

No Code Personalised Experience

Value Proposition Design


Gamified Lead Collection

abandonment recovery

Abandonment Recovery

In app messaging

In-App Messaging


Personalised App Push Notification

Location Based Targeting-1

Location-Based Targeting

Email Marketing

Email Marketing


AI-Powered Content Management System 

Digital Assets

Digital Asset Management

Analytics (2)

Value Proposition Design


Full-Funnel and Product Usage Analytics

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Retention and
Drop-Off Analytics

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